About Our Water

“Taking the Waters”

Wilbur’s hot mineral springs are the confluence of poetry and science. Explanations melt into wispy steam and sighs. Time dissolves. Muscles unwind. Curiosity is enlivened. What is the magic of these waters? The main highlight of a stay at Wilbur Hot Springs is enjoying the benefits of our natural hot mineral spring water. Those who immerse themselves in Wilbur’s hot springs are immediately aware that it has remarkable healing properties, which enter the body in a way similar to how a transdermal patch releases medicine. The rare and unique configuration of minerals in the water sets Wilbur apart from all other hot spring resorts and spas in Northern California. This is why thousands of people over the last centuries have come to Wilbur to experience the therapeutic waters that heal the body and soothe the soul.

Sheltered by a Japanese onsen-style “Fluminarium,” the water is channeled into three long flumes with average temperatures of 100, 105 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit. The water flows continuously through the flumes as you soak in silence. The natural hot waters in the flumes are enhanced by a spring-fed swimming pool, an outdoor hot mineral flume and a dry sauna. Near the showers you’ll also find a refreshing cold plunge, fashioned from an antique bathtub. The swimming pool is spring-fed and cool in summer, when it is chlorinated. In winter, it is heated with geothermal water and non-chlorinated.

Splendid vistas of the surrounding hills surround the expansive deck, which connects all of the bathing areas. Listen to the birds and the nearby creek, read a book, or just kick back and relax—there is no schedule. Night time offers breathtaking views of our renowned starry skies.

Open day and night to registered guests, our hot springs are quiet and serene—a safe haven where courtesy and modesty prevail. The bathing area is private and clothing optional (although clothing is required everywhere else on the property). Plus, you’ll never hear a cell phone ring. It is a natural digital detox.

Wilbur Hot Springs: Mineral Water Content Report

Sulfur Mineral Springs Health Benefits

Wilbur’s geothermal water contains three ounces of dissolved minerals per gallon and is entirely undiluted, untreated, and unheated—which is rare in North America. This concentrated salt solution not only provides a heavenly float in the water, it aids in the absorption of minerals through the skin by osmosis, while the alkaline pH makes skin feel silky and gently unclogs pores. The minerals in the waters at Wilbur have positive therapeutic effects on skin diseases, asthma, neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and shoulder, neck, and wrist pains. They also have a detoxifying and mucolytic effect. Sulfur has been used medicinally since ancient times and is contained in every cell in our bodies. Approximately 0.25% of our total body weight is sulfur. It is most concentrated in keratin, which creates strong hair, nails, and skin. It helps with skin elasticity which maintains youthful skin. Sulfur is a natural antiseptic and is said to encourage insulin production, thus it is indicated for diabetes according to balneology. Sulfur, silica, and metaboric acid are great for chronic skin ailments, as they tonify and moisturize skin. The most unique element of our geothermal water is lithium, which is the second smallest ion that can easily permeate the skin. It provides pain relief, eases depression, and promotes a deeper state of relaxation. “Evidence is slowly accumulating that relatively tiny doses of lithium can have beneficial effects. Lithium appears to promote the health, growth and resilience of neurons, reducing stress-induced damage.” [1]

[1] “Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium?” by Anna Fels , Sept. 13, 2014