Wilbur Calendar

Wilbur periodically hosts special events which are open to guest participation. Please see below for a list of upcoming events.

For workshop information, please send e-mail request to frontdesk@wilburhotsprings.com.


March 24-26     Ali ParisConcert Series on Qanun (Arabic Lap Harp)

April 2-3            Rebecca Webb – Movement, Meditation & Sound Healing

April 9-10          Christopher Hobbs  – Naturalist Plant Presentation and Wildflower Walks

April 10-15        California Naturalist Certification Course – Space limited, join us for our second annual hosting of this course, which is hosted by Wilbur in partnership with Tuleyome.org. This California Naturalist class will introduce you to the wonders of the biodiversity unique ecology of our region and engage you in the stewardship of California natural communities.  The course will utilize a combination of science curriculum, guest lecturers, species-identification modules, field trips and project-based learning to immerse you in the landscapes of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region. Tuition is $550 plus lodging, food and text. For more information contact Wilbur Front office or visit Tuleyome’s website at: http://tuleyome.org/projects/calnat/ 

April 20-24        Baking Futures – Bread Oven Building Workshop with Sourdough Making and Baking, led by David Moritz. Baking Futures addresses the value of collaborative, hands-on “doing” in both professional practice and private daily life. It combines the collective construction of an earthen oven with the experience of preparing traditional dishes, focusing on a real sourdough. The loam construction and food preparation are done in a slow, deliberate and performative way alongside conversations about everyday rituals and practices. In this 5-day workshop we will build a bread oven from natural materials (with ANSI certified baking space) in rammed earth construction. In parallel, we will grow our own sourdough and learn how to feed and bake it. The format of the workshop supports a connected experience that invites reflection and allows for integration of related contents. Besides curiosity, no special prior knowledge is required for participation. We look forward to an inspiring multidisciplinary team. Program Cost is $550 per person, plus lodging and food.

April 23-24         Sheana O’Sullivan – Yoga

April 25-27         Bella Dreizler – Self Care Yoga

May 6-8              Guest Chef Weekend – Marion Cascio ($225/person for the weekend)

May 14-15          Tutku Tezveren – QiTanYo

May 20-22          Guest Chef Weekend – Bodhi Cole ($225/person for the weekend)

May 28-29          Rebecca Webb – Movement, Meditation and Sound Healing

June 4-5               Janna Barkin – Yoga

June 18-19          Shundo – Guided Meditation

June 25-26          Mirabai Warkulwiz – Yoga